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We offer a seamless approach to creating your vision. Whether it’s a new construction home, a renovation, an investment property, or simply just reinvigorating your current space, managing your project requires someone you can count on. JPID takes a hands-on approach that results in a successful and happy experience for both the client & the designer.



Lifestyle Reimagined

Lifestyle Reimagined

Meet Janet


Janet Patterson Interior Design (JPID), named after its spirited founder, is an award-winning Interior Design firm located in South Florida. With almost two decades of industry experience, Janet and her team offer extraordinary, highly personalized interior design services –  redefining spaces and elevating the lifestyle of every client. 

It is not just the client’s home that gets transformed, but their entire lifestyle is reimagined – every decision is thoughtfully made with the specific day-to-day needs of the client closely considered.

The first step in any new project is listening and observing – fully understanding her client’s unique wants and desired goals, before moving into the design process. This approach has led to a robust portfolio of the most discerning clients; many of whom refer friends and family and continue to hire JPID for multiple projects.

Janet believes life is meant to be lived well, and that your surroundings directly impact your well being. She feels a well-designed home should bring forth beauty, comfort and a deep sense of inner peace; laying the foundation in which to build a lifetime of happy memories.

Her approach is simple yet detailed, consistently honoring her client’s desires with the utmost attention while sharing her creative wisdom to create sophisticated, timeless spaces that transform lives.

“The discovery process is when I really get to know a client; their personality, style, and vision. My intuitive skills certainly come into play, but there is no substitute for being a good listener.”