About Janet Patterson Interior Designer
JPID Studio

Janet Patterson

Principal & Founder

JPID is an award-winning South Florida Interior Design firm led by its spirited founder Janet Patterson. Janet, a seasoned designer with two decades of industry experience, holds a B.A. in Interior Design. Her career started early while still in design school, where she gained apprenticeship from some of the top design firms in South Florida before finally venturing out on her own.

Over the years, she established herself as a passionate, creative and intuitive designer, earning a well-deserved reputation in the design industry through years of experience practicing her craft.

Janet believes life is meant to be lived well, and that your surroundings directly impact your well-being. She feels a well-designed home should bring forth beauty, comfort and a deep sense of inner peace; laying the foundation in which to build a lifetime of happy memories.

Her approach is simple yet detailed, consistently honoring her client’s desires with the utmost attention, while sharing her creative wisdom to create sophisticated, timeless spaces that transform lives.

JPID specializes in new construction and renovations, working closely with industry professionals. Recognized for award-winning designs, JPID is the distinguished choice for discerning clients in South Florida. The firm’s comprehensive services span interior alterations, finishes, furnishings, artwork/accessories selection, and full-service turnkey projects. JPID’s client-centric approach, rooted in attentive listening and observation, has cultivated a robust portfolio, leading to referrals and multiple project engagements.

JPID prides itself for their unwavering commitment to achieving client satisfaction as the ultimate measure of success.

Life is short, live well.

Find your solace in a customized, luxurious space
designed uniquely for you.

Life is short,
live well.

Find your solace in a customized, luxurious space
designed uniquely for you.